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Shaheedon Ke Khoon Se Bay Wafaee

Hassan Nisar 2017-02-15 Jang 492
Shaheedon Ke Khoon Se Bay Wafaee | column of Hassan Nisar | published on 2017-02-15
About Hassan Nisar

Hassan Nisar was born on 5th July 1951 in Faisalabad. He is a journalist by profession.He started his career as a Journalist from Dhanak Magazine in 1972.Later he became the Journalist of Dhanak. He composed poetry, movie songs and edited a magazine Monthly Zanjeer in 1980, he appeared on TV talk shows in Urdu, including Meray Mutabiq and Choraha on Geo News.He has many followers and fans because of his justified and revolutionary ideas for bringing change in governance. He is also a regular member on a TV show Report Card hosted by Geo TV anchor Ayesha Bakhsh as well as Meray Mutabiq hosted by Shajia Niazi. His commentaries in print and electronic media focus on contemporary Pakistan and its political history.

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